All Nationalities Welcome. 

Bay Area Immigrant & Refugee Services, BAIRS


Founded: 1989
BAIRS is an independent, Non-Profit and Community based organization within the meaning of Section (501) (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code 1954 and within Section 214 of the State of California.

Copyright 2017. BairsCares. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2017. BAIRScares. All Rights Reserved.

What We Do

  • Legal Aid, Legal Advice in regards to U.S. Citizenship / Green Card / Passport / Travel and Visitor Visas / Family Visa Petitions, etc.
  • Translation Services. We understand the difficulty of filling out forms in a non-native language. Power of Attorney.
  • Affidavit of Witness and / or Support.
  • Employment Assistance. Employment is a basic tool to succeed on the road to self-sufficiency.
  • Job Preparation  and Placement Services.
  • Youth social adjustment. Promote health awareness issues, like the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, but also gang-association
  • Refugee and Immigrant Women's Support groups.
  • Elderly Support. Especially the elderly, after being uprooted from their homeland, have specific needs to adjust in a new environment,
    We tailor to those needs and provideresources to them and to all groups mentioned above and assist with their social as well as economic adjustment process towards a healthy integration into the greater Bay Area community..

BAIRS Profile

Bay Area Immigrant and Refugee Services

BAIRS has a significant history of services in the East Bay, predominantly in the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties but reaches out to people from all over the United States, from as far as Alaska and Florida. We don't say no, and reach out to all immigrant and refugee communities, and particularly to those which are potentially vulnerable to cuts in public funding, public benefits and other anti-immigrant legislation.

BAIRS dedicates its services to the memory of the first immigrants who forged this nation. We promise to help others to achieve everything that we ourselves have accomplished and sometimes take for granted. Together we can make a difference. Please contact us to help us help others.

Resource for Refugees and Immigrants Your first and last connection for integration.

What is BAIRS? (continued)

BAIRS is an independent, non-profit and community-based organization that started in the late 80's under the name Afghan Support Agency, but because of the broad range of clients that we serve we changed our name to Bay Area Immigrants & Refugee Services in 1996.

Our breadth and flexibility enable us to respond creatively and constructively to the difficult and different situations that people experience in their new environment. We also reach out to bridge the gap between the many different ethnic groups that make the socio-economic Bay Area community so unique.

Some of the projects that BAIRS has been actively involved in are:
Incentive Social Adjustment
Social Adjustment Youth
Employment Services
East Bay Citizenship
Elderly Citizenship
Refugee Women Support
Community Network Employment Services
CALWorks Community Awareness Campaign
Alcohol Prevention
Tobacco Control
CAKWorks Job Preparation  & Placement