BAIRS dedicates its services to the memory of the first immigrants who forged this nation. We promise to help others to achieve everything that we ourselves have accomplished and sometimes take for granted. Together we can make a difference. Please contact us to help us help others.

We are an independent, non-profit community based agency that serves the many needs of immigrants and refugees. The organization was created in 1989 to provide supportive, caring services for immigrants and refugees and help them adjust to life here in the US, specifically the SF Bay Area.                                More

  • Provide Translation, legal aid and legal advice with entering the United States, legally. Power of Attorney.
  • Stimulate self-sufficiency for all newcomers, no matter their heritage, beliefs or education.
  • Support social and economical advancements for immigrants and refugees.
  • Provide support with training programs for the labor market
  • Bridge the gap between the many different ethnic groups in the Bay Area.                                             More

The BAIRS Mission

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BAIRS Services

Chair of the Executive Committee is Mr. Jan Breukers. Originally from Holland, he lived and worked in Canada in the seventies, extensively travelled Europe and the US, immigrated to New Zealand in 1990 and came to the SF Bay Area in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science.

Secretary of the Board is Mrs. Yvonne Breukers-Kegge, who was born in Sydney Australia, and she lived in Holland, Germany, New Zealand, Ghana, Louisiana, Washington State and Southern California before settling in the Bay Area.

What is BAIRS?

Branch Office:
37371 Fremont Blvd,
Fremont, CA 94536
Thu: 10:00 - 16:00

Resource for Refugees and Immigrants Your first and last connection for integration.

All Nationalities Welcome. 

Who is BAIRS?

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2515 Santa Clara Avenue, suite 205 Alameda, CA 94501

Tel: 1-510-759-3508


They decide to run, just to stay alive!
They will run anywhere, until they can't run no more.
They've given it all, just to stay alive!

Our human instinct tells us to reach out to them, give them all the respect we can and help them back on their feet again!

Bay Area Immigrant and Refugee Services

CEO and Executive Director is Mr. Rahim Aurang, He received an MBA degree under a John F. Kennedy Scholarship at the University of Washington DC. He founded BAIRS on his dedication to and expertise in assisting newcomers in the US.
Throughout his supervision, BAIRS has been recognized with several prestigious awards from the State of California, the American Red Cross, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and many community based Organizations. He served as the Chair of the East Bay Forum on Refugee Affairs for 14 years. Mr. Aurang was born in Afghanistan.

Famine, Floods, Earthquakes and other Natural Disasters,

Political and Economic Reasons.


Religious Prosecution.

Just some of the, in most cases life threatening reasons, why people drop everything they have and run!

The mission of BAIRS is to provide comprehensive services that assist Immigrants and Refugees in gaining self-sufficiency in the US.

We also participate in providing humanitarian aid to orphans and vulnerable women, affected by war, in Afghanistan.